Micro Lots

What is a Micro Lot?

Although there is no single definition for the concept of micro lots, we can say that they are exclusive coffees of exceptional quality, with very prominent cup profiles, which are subject to special conditions of selection, transportation, conservation and preparation, and which are offered in limited volumes.

These unique coffees of Colombian origin, considered “works of art” of the Colombian coffee industry, have participated (and won) in important competitions of international stature such as the Cup of Excellence due to its quality and cup profile. In addition, they are preferred by the most demanding roasters and baristas around the world.

With the aim of strengthening sustainable and value-added marketing, the National Federation of Coffee Growers (FNC) has been working to strengthen the Micro lots Program, as a positioning strategy in high-value and differentiated markets in line with the new global trends in consumption, which includes increasingly personalized and differentiated experiences.

The Micro lots program of the Federation was born from the richness and diversity of Colombian coffee growing and the presence of micro climates in grain producing regions, which give it exceptional characteristics and different nuances to the coffee produced. This has allowed the identification of new zones and potential producers that are part of the program at the national level.

The program focuses on permanent accompaniment, from harvesting and on-farm benefits, the assurance and conservation of its exceptional characteristics and the inclusion of these gourmet coffees in a single value chain.

Additionally, throughout the logistics process, timely transportation, storage under controlled conditions, specialized threshing and vacuum packing or with Grain Pro are guaranteed, in order to support this demanding and specialized work.

Win-win for customers and producers

The micro lot program seeks not only to offer exceptional coffees to the most demanding and sophisticated customers, but also to reward producers by searching for these specialized clients. Through reassessments of quality premiums (once the coffee has been sold as special), the money goes directly into the producers’ pockets.

In addition, the traceability of the micro lots of the program allows a very close relationship between producer and client, which can even, if desired, travel to the farm where the grain is produced to know and verify the quality of the processes.
The marketing model that the Federation has designed allows the reassessment of important quality premiums to coffee growers linked to the program as a recognition of the excellence and differentiation of their product.

During 2014, the commercial dynamics of the program, leveraged in innovative methods of export, allowed to market more than 1,635 bags, highlighting origins such as Huila, Cauca, Caldas, Valle, Antioquia and Tolima.

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