Decaf Teruel

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A coffee with character and conviction full of outstanding notes and tastes.


Tolima is the third coffee producing region of Colombia characterised by a very pronounced aroma medium acidity and a sweet and subtle fruity flavour. Tolima coffees have consistently presented exceptional good cup profiles that position them today amongst the best.



At Aluna Coffee we have focused on providing our clients with the best possible Colombian Decaf Coffee. This process starts in finding outstanding raw materials that are taken to the Desafecol Plant in Manizales Colombia. Our coffee is decaffeinated through a process that uses ethyl acetate as a solvent, which is an ingredient derived from sugar cane obtained through natural processes. The raw material is from El Limón, Chaparral province – Tolima. Final moisture is below 11.7%, caffeine removal of more the 97% and the residual ethyl acetate is below 30 parts per million. Free from after tastes and unusual odours, only great juicy notes are preserved from the initial raw material.
It is a decaf with a big difference, great taste that will stand out from the crowd. Thank God for not more sleepless nights!!!