About Us

Coincidence, Collaboration and CoffeeMarco Oliveira & Carlos Campos

Highfields Coffee was created in 2017 by three unlikely friends from Colombia, Portugal and America.

That is the short story.

The long version begins when Carlos Campos met Marco Oliveira at a seminar in London and the two immediately discovered a mutual love for all things coffee.

Carlos was passionate and practical, having grown up in Colombia in the local coffee farming community of Bogota.

Marco was a dreamer with an entrepreneurial spirit, who left his hometown in Portugal to fulfil his ambitions in London. Between them they developed the idea behind Highfields – luxurious, specialty coffee, sourced ethically from Colombia, that brings the ritual of coffee into your home.

They began to organise the brand and discuss a range of coffees that would highlight the premium beans, the micro lots, that Carlos imported directly from Colombia and hand roasted here in the UK.

Something was still missing, someone who could translate this appreciation and love of coffee into meaningful and relatable content. As luck would have it, through work, Marco met Ashley Elizabeth Shine, an American writer and producer who shared his and Carlos’s enthusiasm for creating something of significance and beauty.

The Highfields Coffee Team was complete. Their individual talents blending together to create a balance of passion, character and knowledge – the same qualities that come with each bag of Highfield Coffee.