Robusta vs Arabica

People who know coffee know about all the little details of brewing that influence the taste and quality of the coffee they buy. The temperature of the water, the length of time of the brew, the coarseness of the grind. But let’s talk about a more fundamental difference: between robusta and arabica beans.

Not to go into a lot of technical detail, Robusta or Canephora is a high temperature bush grown in the low plains, the tree is resistant and it grows easily in most high climate conditions. It produces a lower grade coffee compared to the Arabica bean. Robusta is a stronger full bodied coffee with a distinctive earthy flavour but widely use in sub products such as Decaf, instant coffee and widely used in espresso blends to give that extra foam head known as crema.

The Arabica on the other hand is a sweeter more delicate bean that grows in higher altitudes and even in colder climates. The cherry is 7% sweeter that the robusta and it has created a new wave of coffee experts with a new generation understanding better the significance of a much delicate flavours.

Both coffee fulfil a purpose even though they are very different in flavour, smell and price.