Believe it or not, Finest Colombian DECAF is our best seller. Why?

Traditionally Decaffeinated coffee it comes from stored conventional coffee, there are 4 types of process but only 2 are used in industrial scale:


  • Indirect-Solvent Process
  • Direct-solvent Process
  • Swiss Water Process
  • Carbon Dioxide Process

Swiss water Process is used in North America / Canada mainly, in other parts of the world, Indirect Solvent Process is the most common since the production plants are less expensive and easier to run.

At Highfields we use Indirect Solvent Process and it is done with Ethyl Acetate that is a raw material extracted from the Sugar Cane, this is consider the most natural of all solvents and it is consider to be the most healthy and complete of all decaffeinated processes.
Decaf process
Our main secret is that we use very good coffees to start with, coffees with very high grades starting from 85 to 86 SCAE scores and this makes a real difference. Coffee starts with very good raw material the process is the best available for the green beans. This will guarantee a decaffeinated coffee that does not taste like decaf. The other real beauty of Highfields decaffeinated coffee is that it gets better with time. After a lot of cup tastings we have notice that the decaffeinated coffee peaked at 12 months of storing it green, that is when is at its best.