Question your Coffee

  • Believe it or not, Finest Colombian DECAF is our best seller. Why?

    Highfields use Indirect Solvent Process and it is done with Ethyl Acetate that is a raw material extracted from the Sugar Cane, this is consider the most natural of all solvents and it is consider to be the most healthy and complete of all decaffeinated processes.
  • Coffee & Chocolate Mousse Cake

    This Chocolate & Coffee Dessert will blow your mind. I cannot explain how amazing this tastes, looks and has the best combo of chocolate and delicious Highfields Coffee. We know you all love coffee cake as much as chocolate cake, so why not combine the two? This is a perfect cake for any special occasions or celebrations. The cake is so light, with genoise sponge, mascarpone mousse, praline mousse, coffee middle and chocolate glaze, and even though it has an intense taste, it doesn’t overpower the final taste of the cakes at all. I love its aroma early in the morning and its flavor in desserts.
  • Coffee Process

    Coffee hand picking Depending on the variety, it can take up to 4 years until planted coffee trees begin to bear fruit. It is critical to pick the ...
  • Range of health benefits of 3 coffees a day

    Research based on 200 previous studies worldwide says frequent drinkers less likely to get diabetes, heart disease, dementia and some cancers Peopl...
  • Robusta vs Arabica

    People who know coffee know about all the little details of brewing that influence the taste and quality of the coffee they buy. The temperature of the water, the length of time of the brew, the coarseness of the grind. But let’s talk about a more fundamental difference: between robusta and arabica beans.